Mastic Removal in Michigan

When you are looking for making some desirable changes in your commercial floor or residential floor, the most promising thing you are likely to come across is mastic.

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What Is Mastic?

Mastic is a resin-based adhesive that comes from a plant. It is flammable, super sticky, and very vicious, like a thick coat that can cross between a solid and a liquid. Mastic is used to set and adhere to the top floor to the base underneath. It’s commonly found as a means of binding carpet, vinyl, or tile to the foundation floor of concrete, steel, or wood. Hence when there is a change required for the flooring it becomes very challenging. But we have the expertise of dealing with it and getting your concrete floor ready for new flooring ideas you have in your mind.

It’s not any common adhesive substance that can easily be removed. so for through clearing of the floor, you need to hire Visual Concrete Coating for taking up the challenge of removing mastic using some latest techniques and equipment so that your floor beneath is not damaged and you get effective mastic cleaning. After the mastic is removed, we also do cement grinding, and epoxy garages  too!

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New flooring requires mastic to be removed, involve professional help

There is some common reason that requires mastic removal from the floor. Firstly, if you are putting in new flooring, you are most likely to remove overlay floors and adhesive mastic to get the base surface ready underneath for the new flooring. Fully and effectively removing mastic ensures that the new floor you put down won’t crack or have any issue because of the dried adhesive. So you are required to take help from visual concrete coating professionals to get the floor prepared for new floors.

The second prime reason you may be removing floors and mastic is for safety reasons. Older floors often used mastic that contained asbestos. This can be very dangerous to workers and inhabitants inside the home or business.

This mastic can slowly affect the lungs and cause skin issues. So it’s important to test your floor adhesive for asbestos if you are working in older buildings.

Methods to remove mastic

Methods To Remove Mastic

After thorough removal of the flooring, like ripping the carpet, tile, or vinyl carefully using the proper techniques, the mastic is first soaked in hot water which is mixed with vinegar so that it can penetrate the adhesive properties of mastic. This soaking actually loses the paste. Chisel of the mastic, once it’s wet it can be easily broken off in chunks. Our skilled workers use a hammer and chisel. Also, there is some equipment with which this mastic is removed by our professionals. It’s a very strong adhesive so it’s stubborn and hard to be removed. One should get it done only with the help of professionals who know the right process and right tools to remove it.

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Removing mastic is a lengthy process, but our tools, equipment and right procedure used by our technicians make it easy, you can get it done with our help so that your floor is ready for new flooring. Call us today. We can help you in this lengthy process of mastic removal and get the floor prepared for new flooring.

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