Garden Misting System

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Misting systems are fondly referred to as outdoor air conditioners. This is primarily because they can help to keep humans and pets cool in outdoor settings; a task traditional air conditioners cannot perform. Misting systems are ideal for domestic backyards, patio areas, and gardens. Garden misting systems are also becoming popular in commercial and public areas, including theme parks and outdoor seating areas of restaurants.

These systems come in various sizes and with various specifications.  and what you need will determine the system you should implement. The perfect system for you will depend on your needs and budget. Here’s a highlight of some of our misting systems and their applications:

Top Garden Misting Systems

Misting systems can significantly cool outdoor temperature through the principle of evaporative cooling. To enhance the cooling capability, the system has to be perfect for the outdoor setting. You have to install the right size of misting system. You also need to be sure whether high-pressure misting systems or low-pressure misting systems are ideal for a particular space.

High Pressure Misting Systems

Depending on the outdoor area you want to keep cool and a few other important factors, a high-pressure misting system can be the perfect solution for you. It has a number of key advantages over low-pressure misting systems and even mid-pressure misting systems.

As their names suggest, high-pressure misting systems pumps with impressively high pressure of about 800 PSI or more. Some pump at a pressure that is well over 1000 PSI, which means smaller particulate size of water escape from the tiny nozzles and evaporate faster.

High pressure misting systems are ideal for a variety of applications, including commercial, residential, and industrial settings. They can efficiently eliminate workplace heat stress and accompanying problems.

Mid-Pressure Misting Systems

These are the most popular among our misting systems. This is primarily because of their high quality and the fact that they are exceptionally great for residential and commercial applications. Mid-pressure misting systems typically utilize a booster pump of up to 200 PSI, and this is enough to achieve finer fog that will evaporate quite fine, leaving a refreshing and damp atmosphere.

Mid-pressure misting systems are also popular because they are shipped with a do-it-yourself tube and nozzle setup. Users will be able to customize the spread of the mid-pressure mister to meet their unique cooling needs.

Our mid-pressure misting systems are ideal for use in most residential outdoor settings. They can be used in backyards and residential patios. They are also popular options for restaurant patios. Mid-pressure misters are also great for all manners of outdoor events, including corporate functions.

Patio Misters

These are special misting systems that are designed to help improve the condition of residential patios. They are basically low-pressure mist lines that are shipped preassembled, making it easy for buyers to set up quickly in their backyards and start using.

Patio misters can be the perfect low-cost solution for people who spend enough time in their patios during summer.

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Garden Misting System