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For most families, the garage serves as the primary entry into the house. We offer an industrial-strength garage floor coating system to allow homeowners to dramatically improve their garage from an outdated and dusty space to a bright and clean environment that will last a lifetime.

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Least Maintenance Required By Epoxy Surface

Epoxy paint is one of our popular services. If you want an attractive resilient and undeniably safe surface that your carport, garage floor coating offers for customized possibility and superior results come to us. The maintenance on these easy to install floors is also very easy; the epoxy paint covering the concrete floor renders it completely waterproof, hence, you may simply hose it with water at a decent pressure to clean it up once a month depending on floor traffic. We also offer mastic removal and cement grinding too.

If you are familiar with garages, you know that chemical and gas spill is a nearly everyday occurrence. Even the most meticulous mechanics are likely to drop big tool or handle detrimental machinery. So the concrete floor tends to highlight stains and blemishes. Fortunately, this is a product that is up to challenge. What’s more, our unmatched epoxy flooring offers extremely professional, cost-effective, and timely service. Call us today to learn more about epoxy floor coating for your garage.

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Benefits Of Epoxy For Your Garages


Epoxy is durable, protecting your garage concrete floors from scratches, dings, gouges, and abrasions. Thus it gives an enduring finish that your flooring is protected for a long time in the near future.

Moisture Protection

Standing moisture can’t infiltrate epoxy coating, keeping your concrete floors dry and sanitary. So it’s ideal for garages where you can just wash in with normal pressure and the dirt and grime can be removed easily without affecting the floor.

Anti-Stain Defense

Epoxy is seamless, providing super protection from liquid infiltration and chemical staining. Minimizing the concerns associated with spills including oil, grease, and chemicals that are very commonly used in garages.

Popular Designs For Garages Using Epoxy

A popular design for garages includes a one-of-a-kind metallic finish as well as swirling multi-colored epoxies. We can even paint in custom designs and borders, such as business logos, geometric patterns, parking space boundaries, and directional.

The finishing floors are designed to last for several years without showing any sign of wear and tear.

We are committed to creating a quality garage epoxy floor. Therefore, we use fast-drying adhesive paints that reject moisture, pressure, and heat. We offer an epoxy coating that ranges in thickness and durability. Our garage floor coating also comes in varying colors and textures and can be applied over the garage floor, to ensure that your coat is unique to your personal apace or business.

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Garage floor coating creates a harmonious spot for you to fiddle on your vehicles or lawnmower. While traditional flooring is rough and unsightly, garage floor epoxy is glossy and refined. Its dust-free, smooth and seamless. Call us now for a FREE quote.

We provide garage floor epoxy coating service in Macomb County, Oakland County, St Clair County, and Lapeer County.

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