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Cement grinding has to be the smooth and level floor, trust Visual Concrete Coatings.

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Cement Grinding

Whether for industrial facilities or commercial space, it is extremely important to give the surface a correct concrete surface profile. This will allow for proper bonding or cement overlays and coatings, or other flooring materials. If you are looking for a cement floor grinding company, you are at the right place; we offer the best cement grinding floors at a competitive quotation including a wide range of follow-on options to keep your project running smoothly, on time, and within your cost limits.

Our concrete floor preparation contractors provide the following service for your floor in crest condition:

  • Removal of mastic, carpet glue, thin-set, coating, etc.
  • Grinding slab to help flatten uneven surfaces
  • Dust proofing floors in facilities where cleanliness is critical
  • Joint repair and filing to prevent further damage to the slab
  • Fill and repair holes and large cracks in the concrete slab

We also offer Mastic Removal and Epoxy Garages too!

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We offer the best cement grinding service

Cement is the most common building material. But that in no case means that your business has to look common. Our cement grinding makes your floor stand out among the rest. At Visual Concrete Coating we will transform your dull, dusty floor into a work of art. Our technicians are capable in this arena. And we will make your property stand out from others. We do quality cement grinding and help you a better result than smoothing methods. Different techniques can pit or damage your floors, requiring more extensive repairs. Grinding not only avoids those issues but also leaves your concrete looking beautiful.

Grinding cement also allows for an impressive smooth profile. The different profile gives you the option to add some customization to your floor. We get your floor smooth enough to use as a canvas for design options that would not be available otherwise. Our powerful cement grinders are the toughest around, and they get your concrete floor ready for anything.

We can remove even stubborn problems on your current floor. Special coating or etching comes right off thanks to our latest equipment and skilled workers.

No More Tripping

The cement grinding process doesn’t just restore a floor’s appearance, it restores safety, too. Floors containing uneven joints create tripping hazards, and tripping on the cement floor is never fun. Don’t let uneven joints jeopardize someone’s health; in addition to harming someone, this can lead to a lawsuit against a business or a scary situation for your loved ones. Our cement floor grinding service evens out the floor and reduces the risk of falling.

Environmental Friendly Solution

From high-tech showrooms to your local store, concrete has become a sustainable and eco-friendly way to achieve stylish and long-lasting floors.

Additionally, concrete floors are allergen-free for all those allergy sufferers out there, whether it’s a student’s hostel or doctor’s office concrete flooring is a great choice.

Top Equipment For Grinding Cement

Our equipment is top-tier, as well. The quality means that you get the smoothest grind on the planet. Using this kind of equipment gives our expert the most precise work possible, and hence also delivering the top quality result.

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