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Visual Concrete Coating is one of the best epoxy flooring companies that has been serving Macomb County, Oakland County, St Clair County, and Lapeer County for multiple years.

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Here at Visual Concrete Coatings, we are committed to providing our valued customers with the best service possible. Not to forget that our skilled technicians have the experience and expertise to create epoxy floor coating that will last for years into the future, with little maintenance. A garage floor epoxy finish will do more than merely improve the looks of standard concrete. It will help you to guard the concrete surface against damage and permanent staining of automotive fluids, grease, and chemicals.

One of our most popular projects is the garage floor epoxy project. We are also experts in cement grinding and mastic removal service so that your floor can be prepared perfectly to get the new flooring done. Our epoxy garage service transforms your traditional garage flooring, making it more slight and professional. Garage epoxy can also improve the durability and resilience of pre existing concrete garage flooring. You can use many custom colors and designs in epoxy garage flooring. For business owners, garage epoxy flooring can create a high-class while improving workspace visibility and safety. It’s a valuable investment. That you can count on, as it lasts for multiple years.

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About Visual Concrete Coating

We are a leading specialist company for an epoxy flooring solution. For an epoxy flooring solution you need the expert resource to help you out, and we have them well equipped for taking up the job and their work will provide 100% customer satisfaction. The finished floor with epoxy gives space a very modern look and also it is stain proof, scratch proof, and waterproof, all of which is especially required for your garage. So you can feel free to contact us, and one of our experts will help you with the question you might have.

Our cement grinders are far more efficient than other equipment as we use the best to give you the desired results. This clearly means less waiting time and more lending to your projects overall. So our cement grinding service is not only faster but also produces the result as required by our clients. Also removing the mastic is a very lengthy and complex process, but not for our technicians who have the knowledge required to remove mastic and give you a perfect floor or implementing a new floor.

We always try our best to serve our customers with the right solution whenever they reach out to us. We use the best materials to install state of art floors. We have been continuously expanding with our extensive experience in the flooring industry.

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Our expertise is endless when it comes to epoxy flooring, cement grinding, and mastic removal. Because of our years of experience and best practice methods, we provide our customers best solution at an affordable price. Our flooring solutions are long-lasting and environmentally friendly. Our ethical work and activities speak of us. You can rely on us for providing you a good service when you require. So give us a call today and we are more than happy to help you.

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